Challenged by the moods of the sky, by the vibrations of the earth, they stand there.
Fixed, confined. Guardians of themselves, they only wait for a hand to caress them.
Generous know how to reward.

Bricco Ambrogio

Proud and in love with this beautiful patch of land set on the most beautiful hill of Roddi, where the Nebbiolo sinks ancient roots. Marl and limestone weave the texture of a “land” to be tasted slowly. Them gives absolute level wines, powerful but balanced, that do not fear to become old. Zenith.

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Absolute elegance and personality that bewitches with feminine traits. In the East, sand and clay come together to give wines with a lively and fresh fruit where tannins meet silk. Son of a cru among the finest of La Morra where powder and lipstick are mixed with dried herbs. Beauty.

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Resolute, mineral, polyhedric. Nebbiolo, Barbera and Chardonnay find their home in La Morra. A land rich in pebbles, marls and red clay where our vines give wines with an unmistakable style. Red fruits, ripe plums and jasmine are his cards. Team play.

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12064 La Morra (CN) – ITALY
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